Capacity: 2 x 660 MW (Stage 2); 3 x 660 MW (Stage 1)

State: Bihar

Owner: NTPC

Reason for Delay

  • Delay due to contractual dispute of NTPC with Power machine & Technoprom export, Russia.

  • Delay in supply of boiler material and ordering of Bought out Items (BOIs) by M/s TPE due to financial constraint. M/s. TPE stopped work from 10/13. M/s TPE contract was terminated on 14.01.2015 by NTPC.

  • Delay in supply of material and slow progress by M/s. Power Machine, tube failures in superheated and Reheat area, Readiness of Railway line (Hazirabagh-Kodera-Tilaiya-RajgiBkahktiarpur (250 Km)