The State of Uttar Pradesh is among the top consumers of electricity per annum. With the depleting coal reserves and inadequate supply of other fuel, all possible viable options for the generation of the electricity need to be explored. Under these circumstances, the power generation based on renewable energy resources can play a significant role in meeting State’s future demands of electricity.

The State has vast potential for deployment of plants utilizing Solar Energy. The State receives daily average solar radiation in the range 5.0 kWh/sqm - 5.5 kWh/sqm, in most of its part, offering opportunity for deployment of suitable solar energy facilities. Accordingly, the Government of Uttar Pradesh has formulated Solar Power Policy - 2013 for deployment of megawatt scale grid connected solar power plants.

The Government of Uttar Pradesh is equally committed to promote the deployment of rooftop solar photovoltaic plants. Keeping into consideration the potential benefits of deployment of rooftop solar photovoltaic plants, which includes reducing dependence on fossil fuel based generation, optimal utilisation of spaces on rooftops and wasteland around the buildings, savings on investment in transmission and distribution infrastructure, savings on reducing the network losses, reduced cost for managing the scheduling of electricity, etc.