The scheme for Development of Solar Parks and Ultra Mega Solar Power Projects was rolled out by Ministry of New & Renewable Energy on 12 December, 2014 with a target to set up at least 25 solar parks with aggregate capacity of 20,000 MW within a span of 5 years starting from 2014-15. The capacity of the Scheme was enhanced from 20,000 MW to 40,000 MW on 21 March, 2017. These parks are proposed to be set up by 2021-22.

The scheme envisages supporting the States and UTs in setting up solar parks at various locations in the country with a view to create required infrastructure for setting up of solar power projects.

The solar parks provide suitable developed land with all clearances, transmission system, water access, road connectivity, communication network, etc. The scheme facilitates and speeds up installation of grid connected solar power projects for electricity generation on a large scale.

All the States and Union Territories are eligible for getting benefit under the scheme.

The capacity of the solar parks shall be 500 MW and above. However, smaller parks are also considered in hilly States and States where there is acute shortage of non-agricultural land.

The solar parks may be developed by the agencies of the State Governments, CPSUs and private entrepreneurs. The implementing agency is termed as Solar Power Park Developer (SPPD).

Under the scheme, the Ministry provides Central Financial Assistance (CFA) of up to Rs. 25 lakh per solar park for preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR). Beside this, CFA of up to Rs. 20.00 lakh per MW or 30% of the project cost, including Grid-connectivity cost, whichever is lower, is also provided on achieving the milestones prescribed in the scheme.

# State Solar Park Capacity (MW)
1 Andhra Pradesh Ananthapuramu-I Solar Park 1500
2 Andhra Pradesh Kurnool Solar Park 1000
3 Andhra Pradesh Kadapa Solar Park 1000
4 Andhra Pradesh Ananthapuramu-II Solar Park 500
5 Andhra Pradesh Hybrid Solar Wind Park 160
  Sub-total   4160
6 Arunachal Pradesh Lohit Solar Park 30
7 Assam Solar Park in Assam 70
8 Gujarat Radhnesada Solar Park 700
9 Gujarat Harsad Solar Park 500
10 Gujarat Dholera Solar Park 5000
  Sub-total   6200
11 Haryana Solar Park in Haryana 500
12 Himachal Pradesh Solar Park in Himachal Pradesh 1000
13 Jammu & Kashmir Solar Park in J&K 200
14 Karnataka Pavagada Solar Park 2000
15 Kerala Kasargod Solar Park 200
16 Madhya Pradesh Rewa Solar Park 750
17 Madhya Pradesh Neemuch-Mandsaur Solar Park 700
18 Madhya Pradesh Agar Solar Park 500
19 Madhya Pradesh Shajapur Solar Park 550
20 Madhya Pradesh Morena (Chambal) Solar Park 250
  Sub-total   2750
21 Maharashtra Sai Guru Solar Park 500
22 Maharashtra Patoda Solar Park 500
23 Maharashtra Dondaicha Solar Park 500
24 Maharashtra Latur Solar Park 60
25 Maharashtra Washim Solar Park 170
26 Maharashtra Yavatmal Solar Park 75
27 Maharashtra Kachlera Solar Park 145
  Sub-total   1950
28 Manipur Bukpi Solar Park 20
29 Meghalaya Solar park in Meghalaya 20
30 Mizoram Vankal Solar Park 20
31 Nagaland Solar Park in Nagaland 23
32 Odisha Solar Park in Odisha 1000
33 Odisha Solar Park by NHPC 100
  Sub-total   1100
34 Rajasthan Bhadla-II Solar Park 680
35 Rajasthan Bhadla-III Solar Park 1000
36 Rajasthan Bhadla-IV Solar Park 500
37 Rajasthan Phalodi-Pokaran Solar Park 750
38 Rajasthan Fatehgarh Phase-1B Solar Park 421
39 Rajasthan Nokh Solar Park 980
  Sub-total   4331
40 Tamil Nadu Solar Park in Tamil Nadu 500
41 Tamil Nadu Kadaladi Solar Park 500
  Sub-total   1000
42 Uttar Pradesh Solar Park in UP 440
43 Uttar Pradesh UP Kanpur Dehat Solar Park 50
44 Uttar Pradesh UP Jalaun Solar Park 50
45 Uttar Pradesh UP Kanpur Nagar Solar Park 30
  Sub-total   570
46 Uttarakhand Solar park in Uttarakhand 50
47 West Bengal Solar park in West Bengal 500
Total 26694