Grid connected solar power capacity

Cumulative Capacity installed (in MW) at the end of year

Year Capacity (in MW)
2015-16 6,763
2016-17 12,289
2017-18 21,652
2018-19 28,181

The Government has taken various steps to boost investment in the area of renewable energy sector in India:

  1. Declaration of trajectory for Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) up to the year 2021-22

  2. Fiscal & financial incentives such as Capital Subsidy, Viability gap funding (VGF), accelerated depreciation benefits etc.

  3. 100% Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) under the automatic route in renewable energy sector

  4. Issue of guidelines for procurement of solar power through tariff based competitive bidding process

  5. Waiving of Inter State Transmission System Charges and Losses for inter-state sale of solar and wind power for projects to be commissioned up to March, 2022

  6. Raising funds from bilateral and multilateral finance and development institutions

  7. Implementation of Green Energy Corridor project to facilitate integration of large scale renewable generation capacity addition

  8. Grant of ‘Must Run Status’ to solar power projects