Saturday, February 24, 2018

rncMany times, due to the variety and complexity of factors, issues can't be resolved with one-size-fits-all solutions. Our customized research and consulting service provides focused data research, study assignments, information representation & analysis, customized business reports, content writing, dashboards & models and exploring opportunities & solutions to your business issues.

Our sector specific expertise and dedicated research and analysis backed by comprehensive knowledge base is ideal for your business objectives. For complicated projects, we collaborate with other organizations to give you the best possible experience.


Areas of Expertise

  • Data Research and Mining
  • Excel Dashboards and Models
  • Sector or Industry Profiling and Analysis
  • Trend Analysis and Future Projections
  • Company Profiling and Competitor Intelligence
  • Projects Tracking and Listing
  • Demand and Supply Analysis
  • Strategic Insights - SWOT, PESTLE and other models
  • Study of Issues, Challenges and Opportunities
  • Regulatory and Policy Insights

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Example Projects

1. Profiling of Coal Based Power Plants in India

Detailed research and profiling of existing, under-construction and upcoming coal based power plants in India. The objective of client was to identify opportunities in operation and maintenance.

2. Impact/Pricing of Smart Meters on Power Distribution

Analytical approach to study the impact of additional cost of smart meters on power distribution. The objective of client was to find the financial viability of installing smart meters in distribution area.

3. Policy Insights on Changes in Energy Laws in Last 5 Years

Research study and analysis of new policies and changes in existing policies to identify risks and opportunities. The objective of client was to assess positive and negative impacts of policy or regulatory changes on multiple business units.

4. Coal Demand and Supply Outlook

Study of demand, supply and import outlook of coal for next 10 years in future. The objective of client was to secure long-term coal supplies, either from domestic or through imports.

5. Strategic Analysis of Investment in Renewable Energy

Strategic and comparative analysis of investment and return in different renewable energy segment - solar, wind, small hydro, biomass, waste-to-energy. The objective of client was to identify and finalize one area of renewable energy for investment.