Sunday, February 25, 2018

publicationWe publish reports focused at the energy sector domains and related industries in India. Our high-impact reports give consolidated, factual and updated information for your business planning and decision making to strengthen your market value.

In-depth analysis and research studies include past and current market trends, future outlook, business drivers and challenges, regulatory developments, industry players, project updates, business opportunities with comprehensive statistical and strategic insights and data points.

List of Publications

Oil and Gas

  1. LNG in India
  2. Oil Refineries in India
  3. Shale Gas in India
  4. NELP in India 
  5. Coal Bed Methane


  1. Power Generation in India
  2. Power Sector Developments
  3. Power Transmission & Distribution
  4. Power Market and Trading
  5. Nuclear Energy in India


  1. Coal Production in India
  2. Lignite Sector in India
  3. Coal Sector Evolution in India
  4. Demand & Supply of Coal in India
  5. Coal Based Power Plants


  1. Tidal Power in India
  2. Hydro Power in India
  3. Renewable Energy in India
  4. National Solar Mission
  5. Wind Power in India
  6. Bio Energy in India


  1. Indian Energy Sector Statistics

Customized Reports

Energy sector produces a lot of data on regular basis. And if you are not laser-focused on your selection, you will get buried under a data avalanche. To be successful in your company's strategic goals, you need to ignore the noise and concentrate on appropriate information, data analysis and insights. Our industry reports give you exactly what you need to make high rewarding decisions.

All the reports are backed by high-quality extensive knowledge base. Please contact us for any specific research and analysis report.

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