Date: 24 June, 2011

This policy came into force on 24 June, 2011. This policy is applicable for the development of all forms of New and Renewable Energy sources including biomass and Bio gas based projects, cogeneration projects, mini / micro / small hydro projects (up to 25 MW), wind power projects, solar projects, municipal solid waste based projects and any other renewable resources based projects.

Incentives include all kinds of incentives notified by the Central and the State Government to the power generated from renewable energy sources. Apart from this, other incentives include exemption from electricity duty, exemption from entry tax for the equipment and building materials.

Bihar Renewable Energy Development Agency (BREDA) will provide necessary information and assistance regarding identification and selection of feasible sites. Projects are also eligible for loans as per guidelines and incentives or schemes of the Government of India and or Government of Bihar.

In case of power generation from mini / micro / small hydel schemes, project developer shall be allowed to use canal water - fall or river water flow subsequent to the approval and agreement with Water Resources Department, Government of Bihar.