Tuesday, March 20, 2018

A new study by US based Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) places Tamil Nadu in the ninth spot globally among areas that generate wind and solar power. The report, "power-industry transition, here and now", includes case studies of markets - ranked by relative share of reliance on variable renewables - that include Denmark, South Australia, Uruguay, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Texas, California, and Tamil Nadu.

While Denmark had a share of 52.8% of the total wind and solar generation in 2017, Tamil Nadu’s share was 14.3% and stood at ninth place.

The study said the following,

"We show how nine leading countries and regions have adapted to high market shares of wind and solar power using existing integration technologies and policy measures to improve their diversity of domestic generation without compromising reliability or undercutting supply."

Tamil Nadu leads India in variable renewables market share. Tamil Nadu also leads India in installed renewable energy capacity. Of the total 30 GW of installed capacity across the state as of March 2017, variable wind and solar power accounted for 9.6 GW or 32% of the total. Firm hydroelectricity added another 2.2 GW or 7%, nuclear 8% and biomass and run-of-river 3%.