Four UMPPs - Sasan in Madhya Pradesh, Mundra in Gujarat, Krishnapatnam in Andhra Pradesh and Tilaiya in Jharkhand have been awarded to the successful bidders so far. Mundra and Sasan UMPP have been fully commissioned.

The allocation of Power from UMPPs is decided by the Central Government in consultation with the States Governments. Up to 50% power is allocated to lead procurer i.e. the state in which UMPP is located. Further, power allocation is based on location of project in particular region, power deficit, availability of transmission infrastructure and equity contribution in Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), proportionate to power allocation to that particular state, etc.

1. Sasan UMPP, Madhya Pradesh

(6x660 MW)

Sasan in District Singrauli.

Project awarded and transferred to M/s. Reliance Power Ltd. on 07.08.2007. Project is fully commissioned.

Reliance Power Limited consequent upon cancellation of the Chattrasal coal block by MoC has filed a writ petition No. WP (C) 7334 of 2015 in Delhi High Court. The case is sub judice. However, the plant is operational.

2. Mundra UMPP, Gujarat

(5x800 MW)

Mundra in village Tundawand in District Kutch, Gujarat

Project awarded and transferred to M/s. Tata Power Ltd. on 24.04.2007. Project is fully commissioned.

3. Krishnapatnam UMPP, Andhra Pradesh

(6x660 MW)

Krishnapatnam in District Nellore, Andhra Pradesh

The Project awarded and transferred to M/s. Reliance Power Ltd. on 29th January, 2008.

The developer has stopped the construction work at the project site citing new Regulation of coal pricing in Indonesia. The procurers have issued termination notice. The matter is subjudice.

4. Tilaiya UMPP, Jharkhand

(6x660 MW)

Near Tilaiya village in Hazaribagh and Koderma Districts, Jharkhand

Project awarded and transferred on 7th August, 2009 to M/s Reliance Power Ltd (RPL).

The developer, Jharkhand Integrated Power Ltd (JIPL, a subsidiary of RPL), has issued notice of termination of Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) on 28.04.2015 citing non transfer of land to the developer by Jharkhand Government.

Jharkhand Urja Vikas Nigam Ltd. (the Lead procurer) on behalf of all the Procurers has taken over JIPL on 16.05.2018 from RPL. MoC has also been requested to transfer/reallocation of the coal blocks to Jharkhand Infrapower Ltd.

5. Kakwara UMPP, Bihar

A site at Kakwara in Banka Distt has been identified for setting up of UMPP in Bihar.

The likely cost of project would be around Rs. 30,000 Crores.