The total Outage Losses due to water shortage reported by the stations in the year 2017-18, up to February, 2018, are about 3400 Million Units (MU), which is about 0.38% of total coal and lignite based generation during the period. Last year, in 2016-17, the total losses were 9565.2 million units.

The Government has taken following steps to encourage water conservation and water efficiency across the power sector:

  1. Ash water recirculation system - Water from ash pond is recovered and reused in the system.
  2. Dry fly ash handling system & High concentration slurry disposal system (HCSD) - These ash handling techniques reduce the ash handling water requirement thereby reducing the water consumption.
  3. Zero water discharge system - Treating the total waste water produced in the plant and recycling back in to the consumptive water system reduces water consumption.
  4. Operating cooling towers at higher Cycle of Concentration (COC) -  This reduces the waste water generated by the plant. This waste water generated is used for low grade applications like ash handling, coal dust suppression and gardening ,etc.
  5. Most of inland thermal power plants use closed cycle cooling water system with Cooling Tower and high level of COC to recirculate the water in operation for reducing the water requirement.