The power generated by nuclear power plants is allocated by the Ministry of Power (MoP) to the various beneficiary States or Union territories in the region. As per the extant MoP guidelines, 50% of power is allocated to the Home State, 15% is retained as unallocated power for allocation by the Government for meeting the urgent or overall requirement and the remaining 35% is to be allocated to other beneficiaries (except home state) in accordance with the pattern of central plan assistance and energy consumption during the previous five years, both factors having equal weightage.

The tariffs of electricity generated by nuclear power are comparable to those of the contemporary conventional base load power generating units like coal based thermal power located in the area or region.

A large nuclear power expansion programme is being implemented to boost nuclear power generation. The present installed nuclear power capacity of 6780 MW is expected to reach 22480 MW on progressive completion of projects under construction and accorded sanction.