GAIL is laying Kochi-Koottanad-Bangalore-Mangalore Natural Gas Pipeline (KKBMPL) which passes through Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The Phase-I of the project has been completed in August, 2013 in Kerala and in Phase-II, welding work of 443 km and lowering of 440 km out of total 444 km in Kerala has been completed.

For acquisition of Right of User in land for laying pipeline including resolving complaints thereof, Central Government on recommendation of State Government appoints Competent Authority (CA) under Petroleum and Minerals Pipeline (P&MP) Act, 1962. The complaints received by the CA are disposed of under the provisions of the P&MP Act.

The concerns related to land & crop compensation have been addressed by Government of Kerala’s Order dated 1.12.2017. The highlights of the Order are:

  1. Government of Kerala has declared the market value as ten times the fair value, so that the land owner will get full fair value, as land compensation.

  2. An ex-gratia payment of Rs.5.00 lakh will be paid to land owners having less than 10 cents of land holdings.

  3. Crop compensation at Rs.3761/- per cent has been paid to owners of paddy lands through which the pipeline passes as a one-time compensation, in addition to the normal land compensation.

  4. RoU width of pipeline has been reduced to 2 meters in respect of land holdings of less than 10 cents.

No residential dwellings were required to be removed for construction of the project. However, an amount of Rs. 400 crore is estimated towards land and crops compensation as per P&MP Act, out of which Rs. 268.65 crore has been disbursed.

The Government has established Petroleum & Natural Gas Regulatory Board (PNGRB) under the PNGRB Act, 2006 in the year 2007 which is the authority to grant authorization to the entities to lay, build, operate or expand gas pipeline with certain conditions wherein deadlines of completion schedule are also mentioned.

However, in case any delay, with the request of the entity, PNGRB examines the case and give extension from time to time. The current completion schedule for laying of the entire KKBMPL pipeline has been extended by PNGRB upto 28 February, 2022.