Hydro Energy

The year-wise and plant-wise details of hydroelectric power generation in India during the five years from 2014 to 2019.

The total assessed hydro power potential in the country is 1,66,454 MW. Large hydropower projects of cumulative capacity of 40,613 MW (27.95% of potential) (excluding Pumped Storage Projects) have been installed so far. In small hydro sector, a cumulative capacity of 4,647 MW (21.98% of total potential) has been installed.

Hydro-Electric Projects face a number of hurdles, both natural and man-made. The major natural hurdles encountered in hydro-electric power projects are natural calamities (such as earthquake, flood), geological uncertainties, difficult terrain, land slide, poor accessibility, etc.

At present 37 Hydro Electric Projects (HEPs), above 25 MW, aggregating to 12178.5 MW are at various stages of construction in India. Out of these 37 HEPs, 16 projects aggregating to 5950 MW are stalled due to various reasons.

Name Utility Capacity (MW)
Jawahar Sagar RRVUNL 99.00
Mahi Bajaj I&II RRVUNL 140.00
R.P. Sagar RRVUNL 172.00
Total RAJASTHAN   411.00

Name Utility Capacity (MW)
Ganguwal BBMB 77.65
Kotla BBMB 77.65
A.P.Sahib I&II PSPCL 134.00
Mukerian I-IV PSPCL 207.00
Ranjit Sagar PSPCL 600.00
Total PUNJAB   1096.30

Name Utility Capacity (MW)
Baglihar JKSPDCL 450.00
Baglihar JKSPDCL 450.00
Lower Jhelum JKSPDCL 105.00
Upper Sindh II JKSPDCL 105.00
Chutak NHPC 44.00
Dulhasti NHPC 390.00
Nimoo Bazgo NHPC 45.00
Salal-I NHPC 345.00
Salal-II NHPC 345.00
Sewa-II NHPC 120.00
Uri NHPC 480.00
Uri-II NHPC 240.00
Total J&K   3119.00

Name Utility Capacity (MW)
Bhakra L&R BBMB 1325.00
Dehar BBMB 990.00
Pong BBMB 396.00
Kashang I HPPCL 65.00
Kashang II & III HPPCL 130.00
Sainj HPPCL 100.00
Bassi HPSEBL 66.00
Giri Bata HPSEBL 60.00
Larji HPSEBL 126.00
Sanjay HPSEBL 120.00
Allain Duhagan (Pvt.) ADHPL 192.00
Malana - II (Pvt.) EPPL 100.00
Baspa-II HBPCL 300.00
Karcham Wangtoo HBPCL 1000.00
Budhil (Pvt.) GBHPPL 70.00
Chanju I IAEPL 36.00
Malana MPCL 86.00
Baira Siul NHPC 180.00
Chamera-I NHPC 540.00
Chamera-II NHPC 300.00
Chamera-III NHPC 231.00
Parbati III NHPC 520.00
Nathpa Jhakri SJVNL 1500.00
Rampur SJVNL 412.02
Kol Dam NTPC 800.00
Shanan PSPCL 110.00
Total HP   9755.02

Uttarakhand, a state richly endowed with perennial rivers and water streams, has a large potential of generating power using hydro power projects. Uttarakhand has an estimated potential of about 3000 MW of hydro power, in the small, mini and micro hydro segment. Out of this only about 170 MW of small hydro power projects have been installed. There is a huge untapped potential of generating power from micro/mini hydro projects of capacities up to 2 MW.

The Ministry of Power has prepared a draft proposal on New Hydro Policy 2017 for revival of Hydro Power Sector. The proposal inter-alia seeks to declare all hydro power as renewable energy, irrespective of its size; Hydro Power Obligation benefit to projects attaining COD within specified period; interest subvention during construction/post commissioning with funding pattern on grant basis.

Name Utility Capacity (MW)
Khara UPJVNL 72.00
Matatilla UPJVNL 30.60
Obra UPJVNL 99.00
Rihand UPJVNL 300.00
Total UPJVNL   501.60

Name Utility Capacity (MW)
Chibro (Y.St.II) UJVNL 240.00
Chilla UJVNL 144.00
Dhakrani (Y.St.I) UJVNL 33.75
Dhalipur (Y.St.I) UJVNL 51.00
Khatima UJVNL 41.40
Khodri (Y.St.II) UJVNL 120.00
Kulhal (Y.St.IV) UJVNL 30.00
Maneri Bhali-I UJVNL 90.00
Maneri Bhali-II UJVNL 304.00
Ram Ganga UJVNL 198.00
Shrinagar AHPC 330.00
Vishnu Prayag JPVL 400.00
Dhauliganga NHPC 280.00
Tanakpur NHPC 94.20
Tehri THDCL 1000.00
Koteshwar THDCL 400.00
Total UTTARAKHAND   3756.35