Total of 14 blocks (7 Coal and 7 Lignite) has been identified which are under consideration of Inter Ministerial Committee (IMC) which has been constituted for the purpose of UCG development in India. No commercial or pilot scale project of Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) technology has been commissioned as yet under Indian Geological conditions.

Coal Blocks

  1. Yellandu (Dip Side) - Khammam, Andhra Pradesh

  2. Bandha - Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh

  3. Maiki North-Maiki-Markhi - Sohagpur, Madhya Pradesh

  4. Pathora - Sohagpur, Madhya Pradesh

  5. Reonti West - Tatapani-Ramkola, Chhattisgarh

  6. Chainpa - Sohagpur, Madhya Pradesh

  7. Jogapur Sirsi - Wardha Valley, Maharashtra

Lignite Blocks

  1. Raneri - Bikaner, Rajasthan

  2. Tadkeshwar-Dungra - Surat, Gujarat

  3. Dip Side of Valia & Rajpardi - Bharuch, Gujarat

  4. Sindhari West - Barmer, Rajasthan

  5. Chokla North - Barmer, Rajasthan

  6. Nimbalkot - Barmer, Rajasthan

  7. Nagurda - Barmer, Rajasthan

Development of UGC

In order to develop UCG in India, the following steps were taken by Government

  1. The Government issued a Gazette Notification in July, 2007 wherein UCG was considered as an end use for the purpose of Coal Mines Nationalization Act, 1973.

  2. The Government has approved the policy framework for development of UCG in coal and lignite bearing areas in India on 16 December, 2015.

  3. In order to identify the areas to be offered, deciding about blocks to be put to bidding or allocation to PSUs on nomination basis, proposing the mechanism for bidding process and other related matters, an Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) has been constituted under the chairmanship of Additional Secretary, Ministry of Coal. The IMC has submitted its report relating to bid document and Model contract document.