Coal India Limited (CIL) has increased its production from 462.41 Mt in 2013-14 to 554.14 Mt in 2016-17. On account of enhanced production by CIL, the country has moved from a regime of coal scarcity to a coal surplus situation.

CIL has taken the following measures to improve the work efficiency of coal mines:

  1. Planning for higher capacity mines with heavy mechanization to take advantage of economy of scale.

  2. Introduction of state of the art technology to improve its work efficiency with high capacity HEMMS like 42 cum shovel with 240T Rear Dumper.

  3. Introduction of Surface Miners in opencast mines to improve operational efficiency & cater to environmental needs.

  4. Introduction of In-pit crushing & conveying/in pit conveying.

  5. Introduction of mechanized mass production technology like powered support long wall technology and continuous miner in UG mines.

  6. Thrust on mechanization of coal winning/loading system by gradually phasing out manual loading by SDL/LHD loading, manual drilling into UDM drilling, haulage system of transport to conveyor system wherever feasible.

  7. Construction of silos with rapid loading system for faster loading.

  8. For survey/check measurements, use of technology like Terrestrial Laser Scanner (TLS).